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Server rules


  • Just be a normal person, please.
  • We don't want to babysit this server. Most of us have real babies to "sit" in real life.
  • When in doubt, ask yourself "Would I say this to my grandma?"

  • Invite links can be unlimited uses or unlimited expiration, but cannot be both.
  • This is for security purposes.
  • Any invite links that violate this rule will be deactivated.

Tips for securing your account


(Left sidebar -> Profile -> Appearance)
  1. Select/check "Lock account"


(Left sidebar -> Preferences -> Other)
  1. Select/checkmark "Hide your network"
  2. Change "Posting privacy" to "Followers-only"


(Left sidebar -> Account -> Two-factor Auth)
  1. Set up two-factor authentication


Mastodon's code base is open source, so the only thing we pay for is server time and storage space.

At the moment, the server costs are manageable, so don't worry about it! In the future, as the network grows and the cost increases, we may consider opening a Patreon account.